Our lab extensively collaborates in Public Engagement initiatives aimed at bringing Science to different audiences.


Public Engagement with the Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology

The Wellcome Centre for Cell Biology (WCB) is committed to engage target communities in our cell biology research. The WCB public engagement program aims to establish a relationship of mutual trust between the public and our research; empowering the public to make informed decisions in science-related topics; and encouraging curiosity and science as a way of thinking. The JP lab actively participates in public engangement activities organised by the WCB, like Life through a lensTattoo my Science or the Glass lab project. Our postdoc, Alba Abad, won the Prize for Outstanding Public Engagement in 2019, for developing the "DNA Journey" project, which was presented to hundreds of members of the public and school pupils since 2017, receiving excellent feedback.




Engage Nepal with Science

Engage Nepal with Science is a non-profit organisation created by our Postdoc Alba Abad that aims to engage Nepalese communities with Science, as well as to spread the scientific research carried out at Nepalese research centres to empower, inspire and build confidence in STEM. It runs as a collaboration between the Research Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology (RIBB, Nepal) and the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology (WCB, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom). Alba's story started in 2010, when she travelled to Nepal after her PhD in Neuroscience to volunteer as a teacher. With old school materials, she set up a pilot lab that became a hub to engage students and teachers with science. Her lessons had a powerful impact within the local Nepalese community. In March 2018, after years boosting her skills designing and delivering science workshops in the UK, Alba contacted RIBB to launch Engage Nepal with Science. 




Public Engagement with the Society of Spanish Researchers in the UK

SRUK/CERU is an independent and non-profit organisation that aims to create a network of  researchers working in the UK and to bridge the gap between researchers and wider audiences. The JP lab -being Alba, Nacho and Paula members of the SRUK Scottish constituency- continuously collaborates on Science Communication events organised by this Society. Examples of these events include Building Women in Science at the Glasgow Science Centre and the Science Festival: Bang goes the Borders; as well as the Pub Quiz: Celebrating women in Science! Both events commemorated the International Day of Women and Girls in Science in 2019 and 2020.