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Molecular basis for Cdk1‐regulated timing of Mis18 complex assembly and CENP‐A deposition - 2017

Science Daily 

"Their findings shed light on the molecular processes that determine how and when key proteins combine, to help create a site required for accurate DNA separation over generations." 


"These findings provide valuable insights into how cells help preserve the site essential for equal distribution of their DNA when they divide, and how the timing of this process is tied to the cell cycle."

NatGenSac (Spanish)

"A key process in cell division unveiled by molecular analysis" (Translation)

Madrimasd (Spanish)

"These findings provide valuable insights to our understanding of how cells maintain centromeres, essential structures for accurate DNA segregation into two daughter cells." (Translation)


Structural basis for microtubule recognition by the human kinetochore Ska complex - 2014

The Times of India

"These findings in how the cells in our body are able to renew themselves could aid our understanding of health disorders, including cancer."

Business Standard

"Scientists have explained a key part of the process of cell division, by which cells are able to keep our organs functioning properly."

Science Daily

"[Scientists] discovered a set of proteins that stabilise the sequence of events in which cells duplicate their DNA and then separate into two new cells, each identical to the original."


"The findings help explain a fundamental process in all living things, in which cells must continually divide to keep the organism alive and well."